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The Rhythm of Life

by Lisa Avnet

We have a rhythm and flow in our daily lives that includes habitual thoughts and patterns of behavior and energy flow.  This flow includes the three movements in the cycles of our life pulse.  We expand, learning new things, traveling, meeting new people.  We contract after an expansion, fitting back into daily life. We settle into comfortable stasis which may become stagnancy if we rest there too long from habit, design, or feeling as though our schedule or commitments leave us no choice.  Like a snake outgrowing its skin on a regular basis, we're also designed to grow and evolve throughout our lives.  Illness, loss, accidents, major life transition, while often painful and unwanted, are portals to growth. 

Life will break you down at times. That's its function. We get the agony AND the ecstasy. When the agony comes, the only choice we have is how we'll receive it and how we will live it. When it comes for us we can't outrun it and we can't avoid it by hiding, denial or distraction. Closing or hardening your heart will neither help you avoid it nor get you through the challenge intact. Keep your heart soft. Keep it open. Your heart is a portal to connection, love, ecstasy, awe, and wonder; those qualities are what heals you, what builds you back up, what heartens you. What heartens you lifts you up, and that's what will see you through.  Connection is heartening, and it can be elusive in our busy lives.  It can be difficult to find time to connect with ourselves let alone other humans.  How to initiate the connection your heart needs to help you navigate whatever challenge you're facing and move through the portal to growth, expansion, and change?   

This is the service I provide - guiding you into connection with your heart, with your body, in a transformative way.  Supporting you to access your inner wisdom, and to navigate your inner landscape in a restorative process that offers you tools and resources to use in daily life. 

For more information, I offer a free 20 minute call so we can meet and answer any questions about what kind of session might be the best fit for your unique situation.  Book here