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Welcome to the Energy of Flow

We're so much greater - radiant at our core - than the roles we inhabit in modern culture.

Are you stuck?  Held captive by old thinking, stories and beliefs that limit your ability to move forward in creating the more heartfelt life you want to be living?  The more loving, peaceful, and joyful life that eludes you?

Is all your energy going to others, or your work, and none left for yourself?           

Do you long for more creativity and joy in your life?

Is something whispering in your ear ..." I want a fairy godmother as a guide - someone that knows the territory", a guide who holds a high level of wisdom, safety and love.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart… the one who looks inside, awakes.” — C. G. Jung

How will this work? As a soul-centered guide, I'll assist you in  shifting out of your linear, rational left brain thinking mind, where you're stuck, to the level that accesses the fertile source of inner wisdom and healing: the creativity, imagination, and intuition of your right brain.  You'll be guided in the use of your inner felt sense, the means of developing a relationship with soma, the somatic unconscious part of you that holds the keys to your healing and growth.  Tangible energy shifts arise in each session, and step by step we create new pathways to integrate these shifts into your daily life.

If now is the time to heed the call for change  - book a free twenty minute consultation with me for more information or take the leap and book a session today.


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"We cannot solve problems at the same level of thinking that we were at when we created those problems.” Albert Einstein