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Healing through the 4 Dimensions of Humankind - Brennan Healing Science

Healing through the 4 Dimensions of Humankind:  Brennan Healing Science

As a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master this is information I enjoy bringing to the blog to help readers understand more about what I do.  It's amazing work that I've devoted many years to perfecting!

What is it?

Brennan Healing Science is a specialized form of healing which combines hands-on healing work with in-depth self exploration and development.  It is a great way to work through an issue in your life (emotional, psychological or physical), to gain insight and awareness and to connect with your authentic self or deeper truth.

In contrast, Reiki, a more widely known energy modality, is a pattern of hand placement and an attunement from a Reiki Master to activate the Reiki energy frequency. Reiki 1 and 2 is a two day weekend, and most Reiki Masters have less than a total of 50 hours of study. One simply places hands on or above the body and allows the Reiki healing frequency to be transmitted through them. This is a simple modality, excellent for bringing relaxation to the nervous system and having a practice of basic energy self-care.


Brennan Healing Science was developed by Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, a former NASA scientist, after she spent years researching the Human Energy Field and studying many healing modalities.  It is a holistic healing modality based on the Human Energy Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease.  It combines high sense perception skills, hands-on energy healing techniques and psychological process work to assist individuals with their personal process of healing.

Dr. Brennan is known from her best-selling book “Hands of Light”, one of the most in-depth books on energy healing ever written, as well as for her advanced training schools in the USA and Europe.  The Barbara Brennan School of Healing celebrated it’s 40th year in 2023, offering a diploma as well as a Bachelor of Science degree.  Graduates are called “Brennan Healing Science Practitioners” and have been through a rigorous and intensive 4 years training in energy awareness, high sense perception and personal transformation.  They are highly trained energy healers (over 2000 hours of supervised instruction) who have learned specialized hands on healing techniques along with skills in professional practice and integrative care.  They have a strong awareness of the connections between the human energy field, health and disease and of how mind, body and emotions connect.  They have also been on their own deeply personal healing journey.  Training in Brennan Healing Science requires dedication and a significant investment, on many levels, from the practitioner. 

A foundational concept in Brennan Healing Science describes four distinct vibrational dimensions of human existence. Barbara Brennan calls these dimensions “The Four Dimensions of Humankind”.  Brennan Healing Science Practitioners are trained to work with all four dimensions.

The Physical: the organs, systems and cells of our body are physical but they are also made of energy and can be worked with directly in a healing.
The Aura: carries the energy of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and day to day experiences and is made up of the chakras and seven levels of the energy field.
The Hara: is the dimension of our intentions, our soul’s longings and our connection to our divine path. It has a tremendous impact on how we create our lives.
The Core Star: is our connection to the source of who we truly are. It is also sometimes described as our inner divinity or our core Essence.
Each dimension is a quantum leap deeper than the preceding dimension. Further, each dimension serves as a foundation to the preceding dimension. Accordingly, profound healing is possible by working on the deeper dimensions and allowing the shift to ripple up through the other levels. The practitioner will use discernment in determining a client’s readiness for this deeper level of work, as it can result in a rapid manifestation of changes on the physical and auric levels.

Whether you want to develop your relationship with yourself, deal with a troubling issue or just take some time to nourish your energy, unwind and relax, Brennan Healing Science has something to offer you.

For more information, book a free Q and A session, or an energy healing with me here.