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Coaching the Unconscious Mind: Soul-centric Energy Coaching

The unconscious mind is the deeper, unseen, and mysterious part of you, that in large part, pre-shapes your thoughts, beliefs, identity, preferences, and habits before you've had a chance to "think" about it.  It lives in your body, energy field, and nervous system, and acts in ways that are sometimes confusing to the brain.

It's even encoded in your DNA.

But the cool news is that your unconscious mind is code-able.

It is highly malleable and susceptible to change.  In fact, it's changing all the time - even now.

What it can do is enormously powerful.  When I skillfully interact with that part of someone, it's a bit like downloading the "cheat key" to the human experience.  My high sense perception and energy healing skills, combined with my extensive training in hypnosis, assists me in locating the unconscious pattern at work and resolving it.  The process triggers neurochemicals that help you feel more like yourself, and also supports you to become the best version of yourself, in an elegant and timely way.

Change work at both the conscious and unconscious levels of the mind as well as the energy system, is at the very cutting edge of where neuroscience meets ancient healing wisdom and straight up magic. 

If this intrigues you, reach out and book a free Q and A call, or a Soul-centric Energy Coaching session!