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Re-connecting with Your Original Blueprint

We’re designed to bloom like the most beautiful flowers, offering our gifts freely to the world.  Yet, from the time we're very young, we take on limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior from our culture, our parents, and our experiences, that shroud this original blueprint, our core essence, making it invisible to us.  Living from the surface helps us to fit in with society, however, it can leave us feeling disconnected from our inner world, the world of our feelings and the innate gifts we were born with.  This disconnection keeps us from being able to shine our true light into the world.  Now more than ever, we need the visions, the gifts, and the energy of the core essence of each person to light up the darkness that has overtaken us.  The threat of catastrophe and ecological crisis looms like a dark cloud, creating an inner climate of fear and a pandemic of anxiety.

The opportunity to uncover and reclaim our deepest Self, blossoming so that we can live our soul’s purpose and gifts in the world is always available to us; in fact, there is an entire industry known as the "transformational industry" and marketing rife with empty and inflated promises. 

Daily life has an inexorable pull outward, lives filled with responsibility and a time and energy crunch that diverts us from fulfilling our own inner needs. Many of my clients are investing enormous amounts of energy in tending others, including children, partners, a household, elderly parents or family members, and a demanding work environment. This constant outer focus leaves them depleted and parched. 

As a graduate of the premier energy healing school in the world, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, I’m trained to assist people in recovering their divine blueprint -  the being that you were born to be - by working with your energy field to address what is keeping you living a life disconnected with your deeper Self – a life and energy system affected by unconscious blockages, entanglements, patterns of distortion, and hidden limiting beliefs.  I work with the chakras, the 7 levels of the energy field, the hara and the core star level, to clear, charge and restructure what keeps you limited and distanced from yourself, freeing your core essence to upwell so that its presence begins to be visible to you and others, so that it can come forward and be lived.  This process brings change with every session, opening up your energy so that you feel lighter, brighter, and closer to your authentic presence.

Tending the inner garden of the mind, the body, and the spirit through this work cultivates your internal feedback system – which is always attempting to communicate with us through sensation so we can notice and act on our inner wisdom and intuition.  Sadly, we continuously miss the meaning of these cues, resulting in missed opportunities and illness.

In addition to the extensive healing techniques I've cultivated during my 30 year of working with clients, I've trained in multiple ways of working with the mind, as well as the wider, transpersonal fields that surround us. Many people turn to psychedelics to access these often ecstatic expanded states that occur when encountering these transpersonal fields.  An option to expanding consciousness through substances, is to enter an altered state of awareness through hypnosis or trance.  This offers access to that wider level of being, of connecting to something greater, that comes through the upper layers of our energy chakras and auric fields.  The difference between these ways of altering consciousness, is that with trance, you’ll be in a state that’s able to consciously interact with what you find there and access the resources for use in healing and daily life, with an experienced guide who knows the territory of the inner mind as well as expanded states of consciousness.  In my Soul-centric Energy Guiding sessions, you can drop in and connect with the wisdom that resides there, and return to your life with the gifts you receive, knowing how to use them as inner resources.

Whether you have a concrete physical, mental or emotional pain, or you're interested in expanding your awareness to bring more joy into your life, my healing work will be tailored to address your needs and interests.  I offer hands on energy healing sessions, healing dreamwork, and verbal guided session that are a synthesis of my transpersonal coaching, shamanic and hypnosis training. 

For more information, book a free Q and A call to meet me and discuss how my work might best serve your unique needs.  Or, if you're ready to begin your healing journey, book a session.