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A Metaphorical Map of the Territory

Metaphors for the Beauty Way of tending your inner gardens – a Map of the Territory.

I had fun one snowy day in December, on the new moon, dreaming and weaving some words about soul qualities that I carry and kindle in others.  Hope you enjoy this list and perhaps are inspired to create one from your own life experience.

I’m a tracker, following the threads of image, dream and story and assisting in bringing them to consciousness.  As a tracker, I listen deeply and ask questions to help you connect with your own tracking system to find and follow the thread your through line.

I’m a gatherer, harvesting words and wisdom for sharing. As a gatherer, I delight in sharing my knowledge and in learning from yours. I hold the sacred bowl in our work together, lighting the way .

I’m a sower with a myriad of seeds to share for individual and community growth - like Johnny Appleseed, my basket is full. As a sower, I plant seeds for future growth into the fertile field of consciousness.

I’m a gardener and tender, helping the flowers flourish and the weeds wither.  I am a guide to the garden of soul, watering the keepers, and replacing the weeds with the seeds of new growth. As a gardener, I help you tend the symbols, images and stories that arise.

I'm a weaver, like Grandmother Spider, always weaving colorful threads into the web of my life, repairing as needed and starting anew when I must.  As a weaver, assisting others in cultivating the threads and weaving the fabric into their own unique life tapestry.

A hearth tender, I'll teach you to tend to your heart hearth with the energies you have gathered and how to fan your inner flame of inspiration and joy.

And a poem would be in order but that's for another day.  I do what I can, with the time I have, and my to do list is calling.