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Julia H: "It vastly exceeded my expectation. I never imagined that I could have visions in a structured way, or that they would mean something, and everything that you said resonated with me and it feels like I am tapping into a deeper truth".

Laurel M: “Thank you for being a significant part of my healing journey this past week. Your keen and gentle guidance helped me feel safe enough to allow a long awaited and longed for integration process. This in turn has finally allowed me to fully embrace my inner knowing to guide me, instead of negating it and feeling lost. Boy does this feel terrific and oh so freeing. I had hoped for this kind of healing but hadn’t imagined it would be facilitated by such a kindred spirit- one who paints and dances herself and has inspired me to pick up my paint brushes again and assert my creativity. I’m excited to begin. Thank you for all that you have given me and in such a short amount of time!"

Cara S: "I am profoundly grateful the angels brought us together. A million heartfelt thanks for your kindness and care. Our time together continues to reverberate. I feel lighter both physically and energetically. Having a back that isn’t in knots feels unfamiliar. The 30 years you’ve invested in energetic healing makes you quite an incredible force – and quite a cool lady! Count me as an incredibly appreciative fan."

Testimonials - Lisa Avnet in Pittsfield, MA

Shannon L: "Many thanks for such a beautiful session, it was exactly what I needed."

RL: " I can't express my gratitude enough. Our time together was life changing and I am forever thankful."

KA: "I love when I go into something thinking I have nothing pressing to work on and lo and behold so much is there.  I'm actually excited about moving through all this and releasing it..."

SR: " Thank you for the wonderfully empathic support you gave me today".

Barbara A: "Thank you so much Lisa, I feel we are getting to the core of a big complex that has coopted a lot of energy."

KM: "My session with you was pure magic.  It was just what I needed and was meant to be. Totally divine."

JC:  “Our session in January was life changing”.  note: specifically, her creative flow opened up after many years of blockage.

Jennifer J: "It was such an incredible gift to meet you. Thank you so very much!! For your insight, time, care and expertise. I truly can’t thank you enough and look forward to working with you again…The healing has been changing! You are amazing."

Lisa Avnet offers Energy Healing Reiki in Pittsfield, MA