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About - Lisa Avnet Healing Arts in Pittsfield, MA

Lisa Avnet BA, BHSP, CHt

I love to learn, and am trained in a wide variety of healing arts that inform my work with clients.  My initial education and practice was in Asian style bodywork which bridged physical and energy anatomy.  However, over the years, my work has steadily evolved to a more energetic and shamanic form.  My studies have included nature based soulwork through the Animas Valley Institute, Archetypal Jungian Psychology, Dreamwork, Shamanism, Expressive Arts, Medical Intuition, Flower Essence Therapy, Non-Violent Communication, Storytelling, Poetry Therapy, Vocal Improv, Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy including Medical Hypnosis Certification, Authentic Movement, Continuum movement, and Griefwork.  

A lifelong writer, musician, and mover, I was delighted to have found my home in the Berkshires, where the arts flourish.  Getting my hands in the dirt helps keep me grounded, and my gardens are my pride and joy.

The Fountain, a poem by Denise Levertov, carries some of the essence of my work:

Don’t say, don’t say there is no water
to solace the dryness at our hearts.
I have seen

the fountain springing out of the rock wall
and you drinking there. And I too
before your eyes

found footholds and climbed
to drink the cool water.

The woman of that place, shading her eyes,
frowned as she watched-but not because
she grudged the water,

only because she was waiting
to see we drank our fill and were

Don’t say, don’t say there is no water.
The fountain is there among it’s scalloped
grey and green stones,

it is still there and always there
with it’s quiet song and strange power
to spring in us,

up and out through the rock.

Lisa Avnet offers Energy Healing in Pittsfield, MA


Graduate, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, an in depth 4 year course of studies - the Gold Standard of Energy Healing training worldwide.

Additional energy healing trainings include Relational Healing, Zero Balancing, and Therapeutic Touch, Reiki Master trained in Usui, Karuna, Holy Fire and Celtic Tree Reiki

Certified Hypnotherapist, Medical Support Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regressions, Inner Mind Sourcing, NLP, and Inner Mind Focusing. 

Certified Health Coach and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

former CT Licensed Massage Therapist with training in various Asian energy styles. Graduate of CT Center for Massage Therapy and Structural Therapy apprenticeship with master practitioner Richard Zukowski

Lisa Avnet Healing Arts offers safe, effective Energy Healing in Pittsfield, MA






About - Lisa Avnet Healing Arts in Pittsfield, MA 


Lisa Avnet, BHSP CHt

Sessions by appointment

Distance healing via Zoom or FaceTime


"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.  On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."  Arundati Roy