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The Inner Garden

by Lisa Avnet

The Inner Garden, Lisa Avnet in Pittsfield, MA

All of the garden photos on my website were taken in my own garden beds.  The gardens are a legacy from my parents in law, both devoted gardeners, who installed them over the 4 decades that they lived here.  My sister in law,  garden designer Judy Murphy of Old Farms Nursery in Lakeville, CT designed the main bed with its Asian style rock garden many years ago.  The mossy stones bring a special energy to the yard year round. 

As a dedicated gardener myself I can't think of a more apt metaphor for the process of personal evolution and growth.  The gardens respond to outer conditions of weather and the other life forms that are ever present, just as we respond to life.  The wind, rain, seasons, microbes, bugs, birds, bees, bunnies, woodchucks, mice and voles constantly shape the gardens, creating changes big and small.  Oh, and I mustn't forget the chipmunks!  The garden is always changing.  In the course of time, some flowers have disappeared, and new ones have arrived without me lifting a finger.  Blue lobelia, or cardinal flower, a large one called nicotiana, and others.  Nature truly works in mysterious ways. 

While I love flowers and have admired gardens all my life, I came to gardening relatively late. The learning curve was steep, there is so much more involved than just weeding!  I always dreamed of having the kind of gardens I admired at my in law's properties and in magazines but I was completely naive about what gardening involves and the sheer amount of time  and effort it takes to maintain them.  In fact, a gardener friend did tell me that 20-30 hours a week for much of the weed season was going to be necessary in order to keep up the gardens here, and in my naivete,  I thought she was exaggerating.  Not so.

However, the garden gives back so much more than I put into it - the joy that fills my heart just looking at the gardens is a huge sustaining energy in my life.  I love walking around the yard, taking photos of whatever catches my eye, and I've got about a zillion photos of them taken in all weathers, seasons, and times of day. My Instagram "berkshirehaven" is a place I post them, although it includes a few photos taken at my workplace at the Canyon Ranch Lenox property.  

To my tagline, spiritual traditions worldwide have used the garden as a metaphor for that part of us often known as the heart, and sometimes,  the soul.  I often use it as a metaphor for the mind as well, as in "weed out the thoughts  and worries you don't want and replace them with what you do - a mantra, phrase, affirmation, or prayer that over time, creates a new pathway in your thinking."    My Mindfulness Meditation teacher once taught that we think approximately 90 thousand thoughts a day, and of those, 89,990 are similar and often less than positive things - part of the stories we tell ourselves about what's happening in our lives, the negative thoughts, and negative self talk that makes up our mind chatter.   

Try identifying and pulling a specific mind-weed from the garden of your mind, and replacing it.  If it's a negative thought like "you suck" find something you are proud of and reverse the negative with: you rock at ______!  Or if it's a worry, weed that and replace with asking for, or sending, a blessing or acknowledging something you're grateful for.  Like a garden, the thought weeds will keep popping up, and you just keep up the practice of weeding and replacing.  In the short term, you can feel the benefits of this practice in your energy - it feels better!  Over time, like water wearing a groove in stone, your persistence will yield the beauty of a more expansive and peaceful mind.